JRF response to the EU referendum – We cannot afford to return to business as usual

Chief Executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), based in the North of England, Julia Unwin, said:

“The result of the EU referendum shows we cannot afford to return to business as usual for the poorest people and places across the UK.

For too long, areas that have traditionally been overlooked, particularly in the North of England, have been left behind as Britain’s economic growth is unequally shared.

The number one priority now has to be stabilising the economy as we know people and places on low incomes are most vulnerable to economic shocks.

We must look again at how prosperity is shared across the country, and work across party lines to comprehensively address the high levels of poverty in the UK.

The Prime Minister has set in train a programme of social justice reforms this country badly needs. The job for his successor is to continue that and go much further to ensure prosperity is shared by all parts of the country. We need long-term vision and leadership to get to grips with the root causes of poverty and improve people’s living standards.”