Many places remain locked out of prosperity – JRF responds to Stronger Towns Fund

Responding to the Government announcement of a Stronger Towns Fund, Campbell Robb, chief executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said:

“The Government is right that many of our towns are in need of investment to boost jobs and living standards. Since the vote to leave the EU, it’s unacceptable that many places have remained locked out of the country’s prosperity and there has been too little action to address this. We need a series of significant investments across the places that need it as part of a long-term plan to transform prospects.

"The Stronger Towns Fund must not mean dipping into the Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF), a manifesto commitment made to towns and cities using money repatriated from the EU. A consultation on the fund is long overdue and has left towns and cities facing uncertainty as the Brexit withdrawal process saps Whitehall attention.

“If the Government is serious about transforming towns, it needs to set out its plans for the SPF now and bring serious money to the table - not just a small pot to fix short-term problems.”