More jobs and hours in the economy must provide enough to survive in modern Britain

Responding to today’s employment figures from the ONS, Helen Barnard, head of analysis at the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said:

“Today’s figures show that the economy is continuing to deliver more jobs, which is great news – work is the best route to economic security. The number of hours worked each week also continues to rise, with the average employee working 32 hours. But for many working families, they are still struggling to see their living standards improve in the recovery.

Figures from JRF this week showed despite record employment and a growing economy, more households are struggling to reach an adequate standard of living. Six in ten working age households, around 2.6 million, with an inadequate living standard have someone in work – 600,000 of those have all the adults working full-time.

“We now need to be thinking about how people get on and can earn more from work. The Budget next month provides the government an opportunity to support businesses so prosperity is available to all households, especially those on the lowest incomes.”