New Cabinet faces living standards crisis if they go ahead with cut to Universal Credit

JRF responds to House of Commons debate on the planned cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit.

Helen Barnard, Deputy Director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said:

“Today’s debate makes clear that the Prime Minister and Chancellor are increasingly isolated in supporting the cut to Universal Credit. There is widespread concern amongst MPs about the devastating impact this will have on huge numbers of their constituents and new ministers are certain to face intense pressure from families anxious about how they will make ends meet from next month.

“The £20-a-week increase to Universal Credit is vital to protect families from poverty and provide the stability they need to improve their prospects. As energy bills go up, prices on the shelves rise and National Insurance is set to increase, the Prime Minister must urgently keep this support in place, or his premiership risks being defined by plunging people into poverty rather than levelling up.”