Politicians need to step up and deliver for people on low incomes

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation today called for real action in the November budget, as the Government presented the first Queen’s Speech in over two years, which JRF says failed to address the concerns of low-income voters

Claire Ainsley, Executive Director of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation said:

“Today’s speech may have been billed as offering an optimistic vision of the future but if you are struggling to get by you will have seen very little action today to loosen the grip of poverty.

“People on low incomes will be hoping for much more than this in the November budget. We all want access to an affordable home, a well paid job and the chance to progress, and a social security system to support us if we fall on hard times.

“The Government must now step up to address people’s everyday concerns and listen to the clear message from people on low incomes whose votes could be decisive at the next election.”