Queen's Speech: Life chances plans must go much further to address poverty

Responding to the Queen’s Speech and indicators measuring life chances, chief executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), Julia Unwin said:

It’s encouraging to see the Government set out its approach for measuring life chances, as well as its welcome focus on trying to deliver a more socially just country.

“But we know measuring family instability, addiction and debt is not a cure for the millions of people who experience poverty. Just this week we heard from the ONS almost a third of the UK population experienced poverty at least once in a three-year period, while almost four million are stuck in persistent poverty.

“The building blocks for an all-out assault of poverty begin in early childhood, carry on throughout working life and ensure people are free of poverty in retirement. This involves a comprehensive plan to ensure people have the opportunity to find a job and a home that provides economic security.”