Record employment needs to reach poorest people and places so everyone can contribute to UK’s growing prosperity

Responding to today’s regional labour market figures from the ONS, Dave Innes, policy and research manager for economics at the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said:

“Rising employment is encouraging and provides the best route to economic security for low income families. But we know a burgeoning jobs market alone will not lift the poorest people and places out of poverty.

“Despite record employment levels nationally, in the Northern Powerhouse regions the proportion of working age adults in work remains below the UK average, and the lion’s share of the jobs growth is clustered around a booming London and the south.

“In contrast to the south east, the employment rate in Yorkshire and the Humber actually fell back on last year, showing some of the weaknesses the northern regions still face.

“We need to ensure a healthy jobs market reaches all people and places - especially those who were furthest behind to start with. City leaders have a crucial role to play in harnessing their new found powers and showing leadership to help people share in the economic recovery.”