Response to DWP announcement on the Social Metrics Commission’s measure of poverty

Today the Department for Work & Pensions has announced that it will take the first step towards making the Social Metrics Commission’s measure of poverty in the UK a national statistic.

Responding to this announcement, Helen Barnard, deputy director of policy & partnerships at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and commissioner of the Social Metrics Commission, said:

"We know it is not right so many people in our country are locked in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. The Social Metrics Commission’s measure has the potential to settle this debate. The measure is underpinned by years of research and collaboration. It commands the support of experts across the political spectrum because it better accounts for the reality facing people on low incomes. We strongly urge the Government to push ahead with adopting this measure as our new official poverty measure. That way we can all turn our attention to what really matters which is working together to loosen the grip of poverty on millions of people.”