Response to Spring Budget

Responding to the Spring Budget Campbell Robb, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said:

“It is disappointing that the Chancellor’s warm words about the challenges that many families are facing across the country have not resulted in real support. The Chancellor acknowledged that many people have been suffering a living standards squeeze for almost a decade. This won’t be changing any time soon with wages predicted to rise barely faster than prices and benefit changes beginning to bite.

“With a working family of four on Universal Credit likely to be £1000 worse off than expected by 2020, millions of working families could see a real drop in their living standards. That’s why it’s essential that the Chancellor uses the money gained from a growing economy to ensure that families can continue to make ends meet.

“The Chancellor is right to say that boosting productivity is key to raising living standards. Investment in technical skills, training and research could help people into good jobs in the future, but there was very little to increase the skills of people who are already in work, struggling with high costs and low incomes now.”

Outlook for ordinary working families set to worsen by 2020

Couple with kids full-time on National Living Wage set to be £1,051 worse off; a lone parent £3,363