Social justice needs to go beyond helping workless families

Responding to today’s Department for Work and Pensions announcement on workless families, Campbell Robb, chief executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said:

“Today’s announcement on supporting workless families and helping people with complex needs is welcome, however the plans set out by the Government fall far short of a comprehensive plan needed to deliver social justice when there are 14 million people living in poverty.

“Work should be the best route out of poverty, but this strategy will only get a small number of people so far. Our analysis suggests nearly three-quarters of children in long-term workless households live in lone parent families, while around half live in families where at least one person is disabled. The strategy overlooks the significant barriers faced by such groups.

“We hope this is the start of a more wide-ranging plan to create a Britain that works for everyone, rather than the conclusion.”