Time for Government to listen to the public and right the wrong of in-work poverty

Responding to the British Social Attitudes survey published by NatCen, Campbell Robb, chief executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said:

“Politicians of all stripes can no longer ignore the grip poverty has on those locked out and left behind in this country. The British public have sent a clear message: the vast majority of people expect employers to pay a decent wage and the government to support those working but still struggling to make ends meet.

“We must right the wrong of in-work poverty and strengthen social security so it can act as an anchor to stop families being pulled further into poverty by the tide of low pay and high housing costs.

“These findings are a call to arms. As a country we believe in justice and compassion, so as we prepare for Brexit, the focus should be on building a country that works for everyone. Two years on from her burning injustices speech, the Prime Minister should listen to the public and act.

“As a first step, the Government should allow families to keep more of their earnings by restoring the work allowances under Universal Credit.”