Words must be matched with action in the Budget on rising tide of in-work poverty

In response to the Prime Minister’s pledge to “deliver for everyone who is willing to work hard and do their best” following Brexit, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) is calling for decisive action in the forthcoming Budget.

Campbell Robb, Chief Executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation said:

“It is the Prime Minister’s mission to tackle burning injustices – there can be few more urgent than the rising tide of poverty among working people in the UK. Today the Prime Minister pledged “a good job and a home of your own” along with an end to austerity. Hard pressed families now need those words to be matched with action.

“The Prime Minister will be judged on her actions and can make an impact without waiting for Brexit. In the Budget later this month, the Government should give immediate support to working families by raising the work allowances to their original level - allowing workers to keep more of what they earn under Universal Credit.

“It’s right to make it easier for councils to build new homes but we should be clear how many households are on a housing treadmill in this country, their housing costs keeping them shackled in poverty. More than 30,000 new additional low cost rented homes are needed each year in England – this gap must be fully filled if the broken housing market is to be fixed.”