100 questions about poverty

JRF and partners
2nd Oct 2013

JRF and its partners have identified 100 important research questions that, if answered, would help to reduce or prevent poverty in the UK.

The 100 questions cover a number of important themes and indicate areas of particular research interest and importance for policy that can, and need to, be developed further. These include: attitudes, education, family, employment, heath, well-being, inclusion, markets, housing, taxes, inequality, power.

The questions were developed during a two-day workshop run by JRF with the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge. This involved 45 participants from government, non-governmental organisations, academia and research.

We envisage this work being used in a range of ways. Most directly, it will be an important contribution to our anti-poverty strategies research programme that seeks to find the most effective means of reducing poverty across the UK.

We hope that practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and funders will use this document to help shape further research programmes across a range of social science disciplines.

However, the 100 questions are very much the beginnings of a process rather than a finished product.



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