Boundaries of roles and responsibilities in housing with care schemes

Jenny Pannell and Imogen Blood
12th Oct 2011

How can we define the boundaries of roles and responsibilities in housing with care (HWC) to improve quality of life for residents?

There is no single model of HWC. Schemes vary enormously in size and scale, location, services and cost; they are run by private companies and not-for-profit housing associations and charities; and there are significant. Since residents' quality of life can be affected by the way in which these organisations work together, clarity over boundaries, roles and responsibilities is crucial.

This Viewpoint:

  • outlines contested roles among HWC providers;
  • explores the different expectations of residents, families, providers and professionals;
  • investigates how interaction between parties can create challenges; and
  • provides a draft framework for a future report and guide for providers.


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