Building better outcomes for children through evidence based practice. An evaluation of the Evidence2Success project in Perth & Kinross

David Utting

This summary outlines learning points for local councils, the NHS and others looking to improve children’s services.

Children’s service providers are under increased pressure to provide families with cost-effective support. The international Evidence2Success (E2S) project, piloted by a cross-agency partnership in Perth & Kinross, seeks to improve children’s outcomes by moving resources towards evidence-based services.

The researchers found that:

  • Bespoke E2S survey tools enabled the partnership to assess the developmental needs of local children and young people and identify priorities.
  • A survey of over 8,500 school pupils aged 9 to 15 and over 800 parents of younger children yielded rich information. When linked to council records, this provided striking evidence of unmet needs and the scope for preventive services.
  • Innovative financial mapping tools helped the local authority and its partners to produce ‘high-level’ estimates of overall spending on services.
  • Local leaders welcomed a culture-shift towards evidence-based service planning and were confident the E2S model could be replicated.


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