Building Lifetime Homes

Julie Brewerton and David Darton

Lifetime homes are more flexible, convenient, safe, and accessible than most other new homes.

Four new studies show that the standards are welcomed by occupiers, are feasible to introduce within most developments, cost very little and result in future cost savings for the government, local authorities and individuals.

  • Occupiers felt these standards enhance the image, convenience and safety of their homes. Over 90 per cent would be prepared to pay additional rent or a higher purchase price for them.
  • Building to Lifetime Homes quality is inexpensive. Quantity surveyors have shown that most of the features have no additional costs. All can be introduced in a five-person, three-bedroom house for between £100 and £300.
  • If all homes over the next 30 years were built to these standards, the quantifiable benefits to the country would average about £250 per dwelling, and there would also be significant additional non-quantifiable benefits.

This title is now out of print.