Cities and the ethic of care for the stranger

Ash Amin

Interventions in the urban unconscious (public spaces, physical infrastructure, public services etc.) have an important role to play in regulating social response to difference, argues Ash Amin.

This lecture was presented by Professor Ash Amin from Durham University, with a response from Matt Matravers, Director of the School of Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at University of York. In this lecture, he discusses living with diversity and the role of cities in managing cultural difference.

This was the third Joseph Rowntree Foundation Lecture, delivered at the University of York on 3 February 2010.The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Lecture is an annual public lecture aimed at significantly advancing research and public understanding in the areas of welfare, poverty and social justice. The lecture is co-hosted by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the University of York's School of Politics, Economics and Philosophy.

This lecture was written as part of a book in preparation by Professor Amin, provisionally entitled 'Spaces of attachment'.



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