Cohesion, counter-terrorism and community in West Yorkshire

Charles Husband and Yunis Alam

The findings of two research projects carried out with the five metropolitan authorities in West Yorkshire.

The first project examined how the simultaneous implementation of community cohesion and counter-terrorism policies affected those who were involved in their delivery locally, and the potential contradictions between these policies. A related book is also available: Social cohesion and counter-terrorism: A policy contradiction? by Charles Husband and Yunis Alam, priced £17.59.

The second is an anthology of voices and stories, shared by people from different backgrounds across West Yorkshire and reflecting issues important to them: The Invisible Village, by M Y Alam priced £8.99.

The findings are particularly relevant to the ongoing Coalition government review into the effectiveness and future of the Prevent strategy, and ongoing debates about multiculturalism in the UK. They include:

  • The range of concerns across different communities, from crime to quality of services.
  • The value of local expertise in dealing with difficult issues.
  • Implications for UK policy-makers.


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