Cost-effectiveness and independent living: Proceedings of a JRF conference June 2000

Alex O'Neil and Janet Lewis (editors)

This publication reproduces the papers for an expert seminar organised by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation during June 2000 on cost-effectiveness and independent living.

Also included here are summaries of discussions that took place following the presentation of each paper. Frances Hasler and Ann Macfarlane present overviews of the foundations of and current issues within independent living. They outline the application of this philosophy to current ideas of service delivery and of direct payments to disabled people, and also some of the issues in applying this philosophy to the lives of other groups, particularly older people.

A paper by Steve Martin and Howard Davis outlines the current state of play (in policy and practice terms) of Best Value; Gerry Zarb’s paper presents a critique of the ideas of Best Value and argues for a framework which takes forward ideas of cost-effectiveness within a value-base of independent living. Papers by Sarah Byford and Ann Netten focus on the specific approach to cost-effectiveness that would be feasible, given our current state of knowledge, and then look to develop practicable approaches to developing a framework for cost-effectiveness within social care and disability issues.

Not available electronically.