Crossing the housing and care divide: A guide for practitioners

Alex Marsh, Ailsa Cameron and Paul Burton
24th Aug 2005

A guide to delivering efficient, cost-effective, high-quality services sensitive to the needs of those using housing, care and support services.

Those working in housing, care and support face ever-increasing pressures to deliver high quality services that are sensitive to the needs of service users, make best use of available resources, and can be demonstrated to be efficient and effective.

This guide – organised in five modules – aims to give practitioners the resources they need to do this. Central themes are strategies and processes for developing strong working relationships between the statutory and non-statutory partners in housing, health care and social services. It explores way in which agencies can work towards common objectives through:

  • well-organised project management
  • positive joint working
  • commitment to user involvement
  • effective monitoring and evaluation
  • appropriate information technology
  • systems.