Dementia: through the eyes of women

Nada Savitch, Emily Abbott, Gillian Parker, Helen Cadbury, Eloise Ross and Katherine Ludwin
3rd Nov 2015

Dementia disproportionately affects women, but their experiences and voices are missing from research and literature. This project aimed to inspire people to think differently about women and dementia by using stories and reflections from individual women to inform the debate in a unique, inspiring and insightful way.

The report shows:

  • there is often resistance to talking about dementia as a women’s issue;
  • research needs to focus on the voices, experiences and perceptions of women affected by dementia;
  • service provision needs to reflect the needs, skills and attributes of women with dementia, female carers and the female care workforce;
  • the way women experience dementia is affected by gender, but also by many other factors including education, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, and disability.

This report adds to JRF’s learning about building a society that is more inclusive, welcoming and accessible to people with dementia.



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