Home Zones: The UK experience - Video

Directed by Adrian Sinclair

Home Zones (a street or group of streets where pedestrians and cyclists have priority and cars travel at little more than walking pace) are changing the way we think about our neighbourhoods.

Since the first pilot in 1999, some 70 schemes have been developed around the country.

This video looks at how Home Zones have developed and highlights the lessons to be learned. The video draws on interviews with residents to show how Home Zones have evolved and what it's like to develop and live in a Home Zone. It offers valuable insights into the practical challenges facing UK Home Zone projects and how to overcome them and presents the views of urban design professionals on how Home Zones fit within urban regeneration. Residents and Council officials share their experiences of involvement in the projects from the initial consultation phase through to the design, implementation and maintenance of the schemes once complete.

Home Zones: The UK experience examines how local authorities can take the lead in developing Home Zone projects and contains two programme versions: a full-length programme and a shorter version which is designed to be used in public meetings. It can be used in conjunction with the bestselling guide, Home Zones: A planning and design handbook, by Mike Biddulph (The Policy Press)

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