The Homelessness Monitor: England 2017

This annual report funded by Crisis and JRF analyses the impact of economic and policy developments on homelessness, drawing on a survey of councils, statistical analysis and in-depth interviews.

The Homelessness Monitor: England 2017 shows that:

  • Including informal 'homelessness prevention' and 'homelessness relief' activity, as well as statutory homelessness acceptances, there were 271,000 ‘local authority homelessness case actions’ in 2015/16, a rise of 32% since 2009/10.
  • 162 of England’s 326 local authorities responded to the survey. Almost two-thirds (64%) are struggling to find social tenancies for homeless people, while half find it ‘very difficult’ to assist applicants into privately rented accommodation.
  • Councils that responded to the survey are finding it particularly difficult to house homeless young people: 85% are having difficulties helping single people aged 25–34 into accommodation, and 94% said they expect greater difficulties in finding accommodation for homeless 25–34 year olds in the next 2–3 years.
  • Loss of a private tenancy accounted for 31% of those accepted as homeless in England.