How can and should UK society adjust to dementia?

Carol Thomas and Christine Milligan
22nd Jun 2015

Applying the social model of disability to dementia leads to important insights and helps to explain many of the barriers in the lives of people with dementia. This paper aims to stimulate debate about new ways forward in understanding, and ways to meet the needs of the growing number of people living with dementia. 

The publication explores the application of the social model of disability to dementia. It looks in detail at what this social model is, and where it has come from, bringing together the authors’ interests in disability and ageing, and training in disability studies and health and social geography

The paper addresses:

  • the social model of disability and its relevance to dementia;
  • social attitudes and understanding – disablism and ageism;
  • the nature and development of services – thinking beyond the usual health and social care boxes;
  • the empowerment and involvement of people living with dementia.


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