Job insecurity and work intensification

Brendan J Burchell, Diana Day, Maria Hudson, David Ladipo, Roy Mankelow, Jane P Nolan, Hannah Reed, Ines C Wichert and Frank Wilkinson

What is the reality of employment in the late 1990s?

Using findings from the Job Insecurity and Work Intensification Survey (JIWIS), this study reports the experiences of employees in a wide range of industries and occupations in the public and private sectors, and takes in views from line managers and employers. Examining, in particular, whether the UK workforce can sustain the high levels of pressure found in rapidly changing organisations, it explores the social costs of such pressures on employees, their families and society.

It looks in particular at:

  • the prevalence of job insecurity;
  • employees' fears;
  • the effects on the 'psychological contract' and on employees' well-being;
  • and the impact on family.

Finally, it examines the policy implications and what might be done to relieve the pressure.