JRF submission: Foundation years and the UK Government's life chances strategy

This submission outlines JRF’s views on the Government’s life chances strategy inquiry.

Based on our evidence of poverty and disadvantage in the early years, this submission highlights that:

  • the strategy must address the full range of reasons for why children from poorer backgrounds are more likely to be in poverty as adults and to raise their own children in poverty than their wealthier peers
  • supporting families so they are able to get enough income to meet their needs is vital, but to make long-term progress the focus must be on costs and variations in needs, such as health, as well as on income
  • UK poverty is a problem which can be solved. As the economy grows and unemployment continues falling, it is vital that the Government looks at how families can be supported to find a way out of poverty and how the link between childhood household income and life chances can be severed.