Learning from city recovery in Europe and the United States

Anne Power et al.
20th Oct 2009

A study of why cities decline, how they recover and how low-income communities within them fare under the impact of dramatic changes.

The study focuses on the fortunes of seven European cities – Sheffield and Belfast in the UK; Bremen and Leipzig in Germany; Torino, Italy; Saint-Étienne, France; and Bilbao, Spain. Other cities, including several in the United States, were also involved in this programme of work.

This Findings sums up common themes from these cities related to:

  • the history and effects of their decline;
  • the process and results of recovery;
  • what the future might hold.

A book by the same authors – Phoenix cities: The fall and rise of great industrial cities across Europe – reports in detail on the full three-year programme and is due to be published by The Policy Press for JRF in March 2010.



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