Lords Short Debate: Plans to deal with homelessness

Ahead of a debate in The House of Lords on Wednesday, this briefing sets out and examines priorities for homelessness policy.

JRF, alongside Crisis, fund the Homelessness Monitor series, a longitudinal study which provides independent analysis of the impact on homelessness of recent economic and political developments across the UK. JRF has also developed the UK’s first comprehensive long-term strategy, which will be launched on the 6th September 2016, to show how Government, businesses, communities, charities and individuals can all mobilise for a UK free of poverty.

Key points

Priorities for homelessness policy:

  • Adopting the recommendations of the recent Independent Review of the Legal Duties Owed to Homeless People.
  • Creating more certainty for the supported housing sector.
  • Scaling up the Housing First model as the default option for homeless adults with complex needs.

These recommendations are underpinned by JRF’s call for the development of more homes of all tenures - including meeting the independently assessed requirement for additional affordable housing to rent and buy via a Living Rents development framework in England.