Meeting Part M and designing Lifetime Homes

Edited by Caitriona Carroll, Julie Cowans and David Darton

Meeting Part M and designing Lifetime Homes

“The implementation of the Part M regulations will improve the accessibility and convenience of new housing for everyone and Lifetime Homes will help to make homes even more adaptable to long-term needs. This guide is very timely. I hope that its clear exposition of the new regulations will be helpful to all those involved in developing Britain’s future housing.”

From the Foreword by Nick Raynsford MP, Construction Minister

In October 1999, amendments to Part M of the Building Regulations come into force. These will require all housing to be built to new standards. Although much has been said about the new regulations, many people remain unsure of their full implications and are concerned about a number of practical issues. There is also confusion about the differences between Lifetime Homes standards, which many local authorities require, the Housing Corporation’s Scheme Development Standards and the new Part M regulations.

This comprehensive guide clarifies the similarities and distinctions in clear and precise detail, and sets out many design ideas, with special attention paid to level thresholds and downstairs WCs – areas that have caused the greatest concerns. Examples of house plans put the principles behind the various standards into a workable and achievable context.

The revised Lifetime Homes Standard was published in July 2010. Please consult the Lifetime Homes website for current standard.