Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 1999

Catherine Howarth, Peter Kenway, Guy Palmer and Romina Miorelli

A second, revised edition of last year’s influential publication, this report provides updated figures for 50 indicators that between them portray the key features of poverty and social exclusion in Great Britain.

The indicators are grouped into six categories: income, children, young adults, adults, older people, and communities. This edition introduces six new indicators and a summary of relevant Government policy. Another new feature this year is a Households Below Average Income Ready Reckoner, which sheds light on the effects of selected changes to policy on the numbers of people below half-average income.

Last year’s edition, Monitoring poverty and social exclusion: Labour’s inheritance, is still available (see right). Providing a snapshot of the state of Britain when the new Government came to power, it explains the choice of indicators and gives key conclusions of relevant research, neither of which are included in the more succinct 1999 update.



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