This is my home: Challenging the language of care and control

Drawing on the results of previous research into tenant satisfaction, this video resource has been designed for all those who live and work in supported housing.

This is my home focuses on the significance of language and control in the process of empowerment. It illustrates how people can explore the language currently used within their service to decide on whether it affects them positively or negatively.

The training invites staff to think about their own values and emphasises that small changes in attitudes and assumptions can have significant effects upon the quality of life for all those living and working in supported housing. The video (running for 26 minutes) is suitable for use with groups of staff and tenants with a wide range of needs and shows how people with few or no verbal communication skills can be encouraged to make choices about how and where they live. Accompanying notes encourage discussion and positive action planning. The resource may be used for both staff training or in group training for workers and tenants together.