Phoenix cities: The fall and rise of great industrial cities

Anne Power, Jörg Plöger and Astrid Winkler

A detailed look at the decline and recovery of great industrial cities in Europe and the US.

Phoenix cities tells the story of European and US cities that were once industrial giants but went into steep decline, with a dramatic impact on low-income communities, city centres and their population.

It looks at how these cities recovered and explores their different approaches, including:

  • innovative enterprises;
  • new-style city leadership;
  • special neighbourhood programmes;
  • skills development; and
  • the experiences of US cities compared to those in Europe.

Phoenix cities, which is illustrated with colour pictures from the cities, offers valuable learning for anyone who wants to understand the ground-level realities of urban change and progress.

It is published by The Policy Press for JRF, priced £28.99.

(The summary of this publication was previously published in October 2009 with the title 'Learning from city recovery in Europe and the United States')