Response to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee: New Ministers for Planning and Housing

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This submission highlights important lessons for the CLG Select Committee in relation to the Government’s proposals to boost house building and the economy.

In highlighting lessons from JRF’s evidence base this submission draws particularly on: emerging findings from an international review of innovations in financing affordable housing (Gibb, Maclennan and Stephens, forthcoming) and on the work of the JRF Housing Market Taskforce. The response is structured around the following questions:

  • What are the impacts of allowing revisions to s106 agreements?
  • What is the most effective solution to increasing investment in private rented housing?
  • How will releasing public land influence housing supply?
  • and;
  • What feasible mortgage proposals will get people onto, and moving up, the housing ladder?


JRF’s main concern with the Government’s recent stimulus package is that it does not create a long–term housing finance system that is able to withstand the boom and bust of the economic cycle.