A review of single homelessness research: Research summaries

Susanne Klinker, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Fiona Mitchell, Jo Dean and Nicky Burns

There has been a vast amount of research on the subject of single homelessness over the past decade. However, this material is often inaccessible to a wider audience - appearing in scholarly journals or as local studies which are not widely available.

This highly accessible guide is based on an in-depth review of single homelessness research in Britain throughout the 1990s and provides 200 high-quality research summaries. Each summary comments on the quality, robustness and usefulness of each study and highlights aims, methods and key findings. The summaries are indexed by keywords covering all major areas of single homelessness research.

The review can be read independently or alongside two complimentary reports, Single homelessness - An overview of research in Britain and A bibliography of single homelessness research .

Not available electronically.

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