The social consequences of mortgage repossession for parents and their children

Sarah Nettleton, Roger Burrows, Jude England and Jenny Seavers

What are the consequences of the experience of mortgage repossession for households with dependent children?

This qualitative study explores the perceptions of both adults and children who had lost their home through mortgage repossession and who were rehoused in the social rented sector.

The processes associated with the repossession itself affect the lives of families for some time after the event. People described how they had not had any control over the events associated with the repossession, and how they had endured long periods of uncertainty.

The experience of repossession had medium- and sometimes long-term consequences in six main aspects of peoples' lives: their social status and identity; their personal and family relationships; their health and well-being; the quality of their lives; their future hopes and aspirations; and the lives of their children.