Sustainable urban neighbourhoods

Michael Carley and Nicholas Falk

Is it possible to meet the nation's growing need for affordable new homes while adapting to change and meeting environmental needs?

This summary outlines the work of the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Network (SUNN), which is addressing these issues by studying new and growing developments and communities. Focusing on 'urban extensions' to existing towns and cities, this summary draws on case studies to provide recommendations about the best way for Britain’s house builders and developers to create sustainable new communities.

The summary:

  • outlines the key messages from SUNN's studies;
  • highlights the need to focus on strategic spatial planning, better urban design and leaner construction;
  • recommends areas to be considered, including options for creative finance that address high land costs and reduce construction costs, the relationship between transport engineering and creating public spaces in new communities, long-term stewardship models and localism and the role of parish councils.


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