Testing consumer views on paying for long-term care

Karen Croucher and Paul Rhodes

A review of consumer views on policy proposals to pay for long-term.

Since 1997 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) has been exploring whether a consensus can be built around possible mechanisms for meeting the costs of long-term care in the UK. Earlier this year the JRF published a report, Facing the Cost of Long-term Care: Towards a Sustainable Funding System, which drew together some of the key evidence that the programme had generated and presented a number of policy options.

To test the viability and acceptability of these options, public attitudes towards these options were tested in a series of eight focus groups. This report and summary documents the findings.

The ideas tested were:

  • standardised assessment and means testing of domiciliary services;
  • re-packaging Attendance Allowance into a standardised care payment;
  • increasing support of informal carers – through resources and/or formal help;
  • the potential of equity release schemes to pay for domiciliary care costs.


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