Towards a prosperous, poverty-free Wales

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s 2016 manifesto briefing for the fifth National Assembly

This manifesto briefing sets out a number of key actions for the next Assembly and Welsh Government to consider in order to reduce poverty in Wales. Wales will only thrive if poverty affects fewer households. For this to happen action must be taken beyond Cardiff Bay and Westminster.

Key recommendations include:

  • A suggested, achievable, target to reduce poverty. Currently, 700,000 people in Wales are in relative income poverty. Taking action across all sectors could reduce this to 600,000 by the end of the fifth Assembly in 2021.
  • Multi-dimensional action to tackle drivers of poverty relating to the jobs market, housing, childcare, education, the benefits system and the cost of essential goods and services.
  • Reforming the early years and childcare systems, and refreshing attempts to close the educational attainment gap in schools.
  • Helping young people to move successfully into work, ensuring that more and better jobs are created.
  • Improving support for older people with healthcare needs and improving benefit take-up among older people.


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