Transforming social care: sustaining person-centred support

Standards We Expect Consortium
18th May 2011

What are the hopes and frustrations in the everyday practice of person-centred support, or 'personalisation'?

This study is the most user-centred and authoritative commentary to date on current policies and practice. The Standards We Expect project team (service users, practitioners and researchers) worked with service users, carers, front-line practitioners and managers in eight very diverse settings. They found:

  • Good practice is possible, even in the hardest of times.
  • Funding and organisational culture need frank discussion.
  • Power imbalances, outdated attitudes and doubtful practice are still too common.

A comprehensive book, Supporting people: Towards a person-centred approach by Peter Beresford and others, is published for JRF by The Policy Press, price £19.99 rrp (plus £2.75 p&p).

The four-year Standards We Expect project forms the major part of the JRF Independent Living programme. The team has also produced various guides and studies. These include:



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