Welfare Reform and Work Bill House of Lords second reading submission

This submission analyses the proposals in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, drawing on JRF evidence.

The Welfare Reform and Work Bill marks the start of a significant shift in our welfare system, setting out a path away from a ‘high-tax, low-wage, high-welfare’ system towards a ‘low-tax, high-wage, low-welfare’ system. The Chancellor has made a commitment to clearing the budget deficit by 2019, placing a tight restriction on how this economic and social shift might be achieved.

This submission makes recommendations for the Welfare Reform and Work Bill in the context of JRF evidence, including our report Will the 2015 Summer Budget improve living standards in 2020?. The report assesses the impacts of the Summer Budget – including the impact of the new National Living Wage – on living standards using our Minimum Income Standard (MIS) as a benchmark.