From welfare to well-being - planning for an ageing society: Summary conclusions of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Task Group on Housing, Money and Care for Older People

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

How can we tackle age discrimination and inequality by shifting the way society and the government address our ageing population?

The recommendations aim to underpin the rights of all older people as citizens. They also value and support the contribution older people can make to society, both individually and collectively, whilst giving older people greater choice and control over their lives.

Key findings:

  • Britain has not yet got to grips with the implications of living in an ageing society where, for the first time, older people will outnumber young people;
  • in other European countries, older people are celebrated as an asset to society; in the UK the ageing of the population is often portrayed in negative terms in the media and at a policy level;
  • Britain is still locked into a traditional welfare-rationing approach for people on low incomes, rather than a broader approach that applies to older people across all economic groups;
  • except in Wales, there is no overall government vision and strategy to plan for an ageing society.


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