What are the implications of attitudes to economic inequality?

Brendan Barber, Eileen Devaney and Philippa Stroud

This collection of Viewpoints responds to work by the Fabian Society and Institute for Public Policy Research that looks at attitudes towards economic inequality and how to tackle it, and the political debate around it.

These Viewpoints and the research they respond to form part of a JRF programme on public interest in UK poverty. In the three Viewpoints:

  • Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), argues that in order to persuade a large part of the public to tackle prejudice and discrimination against people in poverty we must appeal to egalitarian values.
  • Eileen Devaney, National Co-ordinator of the UK Coalition Against Poverty (UKCAP), believes we need more effective communications to build greater support among the general public for reducing poverty and inequality.
  • Philippa Stroud, Executive Director and co-founder of the Centre for Social Justice, argues for a new approach that looks beyond economic inequality to the social factors that prevent upward mobility.


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