Solve UK poverty

Poverty in the UK is real, costly and harmful, affecting millions of people. We can do something about it if we choose to.

Our comprehensive long-term strategy, We can solve poverty in the UK, shows how the Government, businesses, communities, charities and individuals can all mobilise for a UK free from poverty.

Alongside this, our report, UK poverty: causes, costs and solutions, explains what poverty is, what causes it, highlights trends and projections, and gives more detail on the evidence for our recommendations.

Solving poverty will not be quick or easy. But it is possible, starting with a vision, commitment and a clear plan.

Why we need to act now

The level of poverty in the UK is shameful. This should be a place where everyone can live a decent, secure life. Instead, 13 million people – half of whom are in a working family – are living without enough to meet their needs.
Julia Unwin CBE