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'They said what?': Some common myths about disabled parents and community care legislation

A question and answer booklet explaining the assistance available to disabled parents.

Written by:
Jenny Morris
Date published:

This booklet (covering England and Wales) is made up of a series of questions and answers which identify and explain common misconceptions about the assistance and equipment available to disabled parents to help them look after their children.

The idea for this booklet came from disabled parents who had difficulties getting what they required. Some of the things they were told by social workers and other professionals were not accurate, but the parents usually did not have the necessary knowledge about their rights to challenge these statements. This booklet sets out some of these statements and gives information about what disabled people are entitled to.

At the end of the booklet is a list of legislation and government guidance and details of how to get hold of them. There is also information about organisations that can provide advice and information. The booklet covers England and Wales.


1859351964.pdf (520.1 KB)