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Towards a regeneration strategy for York

Over the last decade successive governments have placed increasing emphasis on partnership working as the best approach to regeneration.

Written by:
Mark Bevan and Rose Gilroy
Date published:

Industrial renaissance and community benefit looks at how one SRB partnership regenerated an industrial area, then set itself a new goal of building a city-wide strategy. This study of the York Regeneration partnership focuses on the process of partnership, rather than its products.

The authors suggest that changing the relationships with local agencies and local communities is the way to bring about sustainable change. They look at:

  • how such partnerships can be built and sustained
  • how local communities can be involved as equal partners rather than token players
  • how short-term funding programmes can be made to mesh with longer term objectives
  • whether partnership working is always 'something special' associated with time-limited funding, or if it is a lasting means of tackling deprivation


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