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Devolution's impact on low-income people and places

What is the impact of devolution for people and places in poverty?

Written by:
Jim McCormick and Anne Harrop
Date published:

For the tenth anniversary of devolution, this Round-up and a series of reports explored trends in social and economic disadvantage as well as policy developments in four areas: housing and homelessness, employment, neighbourhood regeneration and long-term care for older people.

The five related reports in the Impact of devolution series are:

  • Area-based regeneration policies in the UK by Dave Adamson
  • Long-term care provision in the UK by David Bell
  • Employment and employability by Paul Bivand, Laurie Bell, Lovedeep Vaid, Danielle Whitehurst and Ken Wan
  • Indicators of poverty and social exclusion by Guy Palmer
  • Housing and homelessness by Steve Wilcox and Suzanne Fitzpatrick