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Wealth, funding and investment practice

Reimagining wealth, funding, and investment to speed up the transition to a fairer sustainable future.

Our mission

In Emerging Futures we’re resourcing people and organisations, convening funders, platforming innovative practitioners, and commissioning work to help bring about a transition to a more equitable, just, and sustainable future.

In this part of the programme we want to explore how different forms of wealth, including philanthropic wealth, can be mobilised through alternative funding and investment practices to better serve people and the planet.

We also want to illuminate how and why wealth is accumulated in the first place, particularly in the context of the Great Wealth Transfer, and highlight extreme wealth and extreme poverty as interrelated manifestations of an extractive system.

A regenerative economy

We’ll be exploring the interventions needed for transformational change to ensure wealth is working in support of a regenerative economy that centres human and ecological wellbeing. These include:

  • work seeking to transform the narratives and values that underpin the present system, for example exploring the psychology of wealth, and considering the cultural shifts needed to reimagine models of ownership and property
  • work seeking to transform the ‘hidden wiring’ of the finance and investment systems, by which we mean the rules, norms, and policies propping up the status quo, such as existing models of shareholder primacy and stewardship
  • experimentation with place-based and tangible initiatives to generate new concepts and ideas, for example enterprises exploring new governance and funding models that safeguard the interests of society and the environment
  • grassroots movements and transformation at community level, including the development of progressive wealth holder networks, and the capacity building needed for wealth to be responsibly redistributed to communities in a way that meets society’s needs

Next Frontiers 2024

Next Frontiers is our annual gathering of people from across the finance ecosystem to explore transformative approaches to wealth management and redistribution, philanthropy, and investment.

Join us in imagining what it could mean for wealth to play an active role in supporting and speeding up the transition to more equitable and just futures, where people and planet can thrive. 

Join us