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We can solve poverty in the UK

6th Sep 2016

UK poverty: Causes, costs and solutions

6th Sep 2016

Disability and poverty in later life

12th Aug 2016
UK map

Political prize on offer to party who can ‘make Britain work for everyone’

5th Sep 2016

Creating an anti-poverty childcare system

27th Jan 2016
Campbell Robb

Campbell Robb - new Chief Executive of JRF and JRHT

5th Oct 2016
Father and Daughter

Falling short: the experiences of families below the Minimum Income Standard

15th Jul 2016


Portrait of Louise Woodruff

What next for England’s troubled families?

19th Oct 2016
View of housing

Affordable housing must be starting point of a plan to make Britain work for all

5th Oct 2016
Report - generic icon

Autumn Statement - helping those in poverty

19th Oct 2016
JRF Data

Poverty after housing costs by housing tenure

30th Jun 2016

Solve UK poverty

The level of poverty in the UK is shameful. This should be a place where everyone can live a decent, secure life. Instead, 13 million people – half of whom are in a working family – are living without enough to meet their needs.

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