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Ruth Davidson

JRF Poverty Lecture with Ruth Davidson

Monday February 8 2016 18:15 to 19:30
1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE
Portrait of Julia Unwin CBE

A poverty-free Scotland: who is responsible?

We need to get Universal Credit back on track

4th Feb 2016

How are poverty, ethnicity and social networks related?

25th Mar 2015

Creating an anti-poverty childcare system

27th Jan 2016

Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2015

23rd Nov 2015

Reducing poverty through policies to cut the cost of living

18th Jun 2015

Poverty and ethnicity: key messages for Scotland

29th Jan 2016


Brian Robson

Three ways the Housing Bill can provide secure, affordable housing for all

10th Feb 2016

Responding to the Annual Poverty lecture speech

8th Feb 2016
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Housing and Planning Bill Lords Committee Stage Briefing

8th Feb 2016
JRF Data

Employment rates by region and comparison year on year

20th Jan 2016

From the blog

An all-out assault on poverty has got to be comprehensive

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