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Information for suppliers

Information for potential and existing suppliers to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.

Working with us

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT) work with a diverse range of suppliers. Suppliers help support our work across many outputs. Our suppliers are critical to the success of our services. We work with:

  • private, public and voluntary sectors
  • people with lived experience of poverty who help support our business operations

We want to make working with us as simple and transparent as possible. We encourage you to share your ideas so that we can learn and grow together.

JRF and JRHT are values led organisations. Our purpose is to solve poverty through active research and campaigning, doing something more practical for people in need.

We want these values to reflect the way that we work with our suppliers. This includes making sourcing decisions that are not only based on prices. We are fair with suppliers throughout the course of our business relationships.

Want to become a supplier?

If you'd like to register an interest in becoming a supplier and have not not spoken our team yet, please complete the expression of interest form first. Potential suppliers must show their capabilities, evaluating how they will meet our criteria. We can then include you in our tendering process.

Onboarding process

Once you are confirmed to work with us, please complete and submit our new supplier form. This requires banking and other checking information required for onboarding to our systems. This includes due diligence checks.

We can only accept purchase orders once due diligence checks are completed.

Information for current suppliers

Receiving orders

JRF and JRHT invoices must quote a valid purchase order, job number or grant reference. Please do not accept any verbal or email orders without a purchase order. These have not been approved. Please read our terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions apply to all procurement for JRF and JRHT products and services and updated with changes to UK law. Purchase orders are placed subject to acceptance of our terms and conditions.

How to get paid

JRF and JRHT are committed to making payment within the agreed payment terms.

We will return invoices that do not contain:

  • a valid purchase order
  • a job number
  • a grant reference

This is specified in our terms and conditions. If you have any queries on payment please contact the person who placed the order.

Please email all invoices and statements to only.

JRHT use Connect as our contractor management software. All work must be correctly processed through the portal following our contractor's guidance. Invoices submitted without following the process to payment may result in delays.

Vaccination requirements for care home access

New legislation has been passed requiring anyone that enters a residential and nursing care setting to undertake any form of work, to be fully vaccinated, unless medically exempt. Please read our letter sent out to all current suppliers to make sure your organisation is on our approved register.


Procurement queries:
Accounts and invoices:

Privacy information

Your data is important. We want to be transparent about what data we collect from you and how we use it. For more information, please read our privacy notice for suppliers.

How we choose our suppliers

Our sourcing decisions are based on our organisational needs. This includes value for money, as well as wider ranging social impacts. These are generated from supporting organisations that share our values and our goals.

In common with many organisations, we have high level policies. These are around diversity, environmental responsibility, minimum wage and fair treatment of local suppliers.

It's not enough for us to make these statements, complying with regulations in these areas. We're against any form of prejudice and any form of environmental harm. We support organisations that apply the real living wage. And, we actively support local businesses.

We intend to apply these values to our sourcing decisions. Social values are prioritised in our decision making. We will accept that in some cases this will be at the expense of immediate organisational costs.

We're currently developing new sourcing rules to support these positions. These rules will be published on this page as soon as agreed by our Board.