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“A home should be an anchor against being swept into poverty”

Responding to new research by the National Housing Federation showing the number of children living in overcrowded homes, Darren Baxter, Housing Policy and Partnerships Manager for the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation said:

Written by:
Harriet Anderson
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“The cost of housing means that for many families, work does not bring enough money to provide a decent life and the kind of childhood we all want for our children. Poverty doesn’t just mean that families can’t access the housing they need, but it can affect health, education and life chances in ways that can last decades.

“A home should be an anchor against being swept into poverty but for parents bringing up children in overcrowded conditions it adds an extra strain. This can be fixed if we invest in building the low cost rented homes which low income families rely on and which can be their stepping stone to a better life.”

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